Clips from the Production

Below you will find a list of clickable links to short clips from the production.

Act I

  • Wings: Parris believes that Betty may fly out of the room when he’s gone

  • Abigail Solo: The production suggests that Abigail genuinely suffered trauma because her parents were murdered before her eyes

  • Exam: Hale examines Betty with exaggerated gesticulation

Act II

  • Mouse No More: A pleasant exchange between Proctor and Elizabeth sours immediately when he finds his instructions have not been heeded

  • Bedtime: A comic sequence provided by Arthur Miller in which Mary gets in a pickle when it comes to going to bed

  • Up and Down: Elizabeth finds herself negotiating a complex social dance when Hale arrives

  • Elizabeth’s Arrest: Elizabeth plays the role of mistress of the house and humble wife on her arrest


  • Giles and Francis: A comic moment when Francis moves to stop Parris answering for him, as Parris previously did for Giles

Act IV

  • Forgiveness: Proctor feels the need to gain Elizabeth’s forgiveness when he decides to confess to the false charge of witchcraft

  • Finale: The final lines of the play show how Hale is still hostile to Elizabeth as a woman and how she responds to this relationship