This area contains downloadable documents aimed at students, teachers and theatre-makers. Each document sets out ways of working that can introduce participants to key elements of Brechtian theatre, as set out in the Theory pages.

NEW ARRIVAL: Click here for a sample schedule for rehearsing a full-length Brechtian production of your chosen play.

Click below to download the following exercises:

  • Social Salutations – a simple exercise with a couple of variations that establish Gestus and Haltung , and introduce Brecht’s theatre of showing .

  • Posh Restaurant – a scenario that invites participants to think about class, not through character, but through a clear situation and a series of relationships. The scenario further develops Brecht’s emphasis on showing material onstage and sensitizes participants the processes that lead to actions and reactions in public.

Click below to download the following approaches to working with dramatic material:

  • The Role of the Fabel – this plan introduces the practice of writing a Fabel for a scene and staging material in its light. You will also need to download this extract from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and this sample Fabel.

  • Inductive Rehearsal – this plan introduces the practice of inductive rehearsal , a method Brecht developed for actors working with issues of social status and the pressure of social situations.