Production Details

The ‘Theory’ section of this website explains the importance of details to a Brechtian production. The careful presentation of details, largely concerning the way that action unfolds, offers an audience clarity in the action and demystifies how figures relate to each other or to events.

Click below for illustrations of different kinds of details present in our production of Closer. All the work is the result of open and forensic investigations into the social fabric of the play.

How a story can be told visually

How social material can be exposed, even when it isn’t directly referenced in the script

How a production can articulate a ‘not/but’

How a single line can be unpacked for its range of meanings

Each of the examples is designed to act as a model of Brechtian practice. The hope is that readers can approach the principle and translate it into their own practice. Suffice it to say, these approaches to staging ran through the whole production.